Lyspunktet’s menu

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Hamburger kr 210,-
All hamburgers are served with salad, small potatoes or
potato wedges, tzatziki and Thousand Island dressing.
Choose between:
– Beef burger with cheese, bacon and salsa dip
– James Dean beef burger with “Ridder cheese”
– Lamb burger Chipotle, with salsa and tzatziki.

Sweet Samurai kr 215,-
Grilled vegetables, grilled chicken breast on a layer of
egg noodles in our own soy sauce with roasted nuts on top.
Available as a vegetarian dish, served with feta cheese.

Teriyaki kr 215,-
Marinated chicken breast fried with onions, bell pepper
and vegetables. Served with rice.

Fjord Tapas kr 210,-
Deep fried salt cod balls, marinated crayfsh,
dried sausage from our local butcher, served with salad,
homemade bread and garlic mayonnaise.

Lamb Kebab kr 195,-
Meat from lamb, grilled on a spit, with minced meat
from our local butcher. Served on pita bread
with salad and our own tzatziki dip wtih feta cheese and mint.

Homemade Pie kr 189,-
Filled with mushrooms, feta cheese, spinach, meat,
tomatoes and onions. Salad and tzatziki dip.


Slice of Sydney kr 189,-
Warm foccacia bread with fried chicken filet,
cheese & bacon. Filled with salad, vegetables.
Served with garlic mayonnaise and 1000 island dressing.

West Coast kr 185,-
Pulled pork sandwich with fresh vegetables and home-style
BBQ sauce.Choose between whole wheat bread or foccacia bread.

Toast (single/double) kr 99,-/139,-
With cheese, tomato sauce, ham and salad.
Choose between tzatziki dip and Thousand Island dip.

Ålesund Sunrise kr 175,-
Homemade bread with chicken filet in a curry sauce and salad.

Pasta Salad kr 185,-
Marinated pasta with salad and warm chicken filet.
Served with bread and tzatziki dip.

Santorini kr 165,-
Mediterranean salad with olives, sundried tomatoes
and feta cheese. Served with homemade bread and tzatziki.
Add nuts to salad: 20 kr

Santorini w/ topping of your choice kr 215,-
Chicken, cray fish or pulled pork

Chicken Tortilla kr 155,-
Fajita seasoned chicken filet with cheese in a soft tortilla.
Served with salad, nacho chips, salsa and sour cream.

Taco Tortilla kr 155,-
Taco seasoned meat with cheese in soft a tortilla.
Served with salad, nacho chips, salsa and sour cream.

Ålesunder kr 179,-
Marinated crayfish. Served with salad,
garlic mayonnaise and homemade bread.

Cowboy Chips kr 85,-
Nacho chips with salsa and sour cream.

Side dish: kr 59,-
Fried potato wedges

Fish Soup Provencale kr 195,-
Creamy fish soup tasting of safran, fennel and
white wine, with crayfish and fish. Served with homemade bread.

Vegetarian Soup kr 165,-
With potatoes, carrots, lentils, feta cheese and
tasty herbs. Served with focaccia bread.


Shake kr 65,-
Made with real ice cream. Choose from these flavours:
Coffee, chocolate, passion fruit, berries or vanilla
Smoothie kr 65,-
With strawberry and banana.
Rebecca’s Cheese Cake kr 75,-
Lime flavoured, served with whipped cream and berry
sauce. Gluten free.
Apple Cake w/ Ice cream and Whipped cream kr 69,-
Served with caramel sauce.
Cookie kr 59,-
Gluten free. With cream cheese and grapes.
Served with berry sauce..
Chocolate / Carrot Cake  kr 59,-
served with whipped cream, homemade caramel sauce and
shredded chocolate.


Kids’ Taco Tortilla kr 75,-
Taco seasoned meat with cheese in soft tortilla
and nacho chips
Kid’s Chicken Tortilla kr 75,-
Fajita seasoned chicken with cheese in soft tortilla
and nacho chips
Mini Hot Dog kr 75,-
Hot dog and fried potato wedges.
Super Q – Ice cream kr 65,-
Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce


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Lyspunktet cafe fiskesuppe
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